Norderneye Art by Iuliana

Original paintings, handmade jewellery, unique wall clocks. Photography, fine art prints, wall art, home decor, calendars and more. Open for commissioned artwork, contact me for details.

About me

Visual Artist Iuliana

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. Edgar Degas

My name is Iuliana, I am a Romanian visual artist based in north of Germany. After spending a lot of years between exact sciences (Mathematics and Computer Science), the time has arrived to reveal my inner soul through my paintings and photography. In my art I try to capture the beauty of the world or to express personal artistic concepts, through a fresh and colourful image for the eyes of the viewer.

My photography was featured in many exhibitions, specialty publications and websites and online competitions, such as Amateur Photographer UK, Gurushots, Calvendo etc.

My paintings are a combination between figurative and abstract geometric styles. I am using mostly acrylic paint on stretched canvas and I love vivid colours. I am always trying to expand my work to new mediums, materials and techniques. At last, but not least, I put a little bit of myself in every piece of artwork, and a lot of joy and love.

Furthermore, I extended my artistic abilities to jewellery design, creating unique pieces of pendants, earrings and bracelets, using acrylic pouring or hand painting on natural materials, as sea shells, collected in my holidays.

Thank you for stopping by and browsing my art gallery!

Why Norderneye?

The name "Norderneye" is a wordplay between "North" (where I am, in German "Nord") and "Eye" - the sense for visual art, maybe the most important one from all our senses. The word is also homonym with a North Sea Island - Norderney - and I must confess I love islands and I dream that someday I will live on an sunny island and enjoy doing art.

Featured Artwork

Portfolio - Symphony of colours - 2020 Portfolio - Daydreaming - 2020 Portfolio - Wasted time never comes back - 2020 Portfolio - The portrait of one unknown girl - 2020 Portfolio - Coffee Break - 2019 Portfolio - Summer Poppies - 2019 Portfolio - Sailing towards the Unknown - 2019 Portfolio - Autumn in pieces - 2018